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August 9, 2021
Animation & Load Speed Boost
What a day to be a web designer, everyone! Just when you (might have) thought things couldn't get better, it suddenly did. Please meet the newer, leaner, and much more animated version of the Graphite editor. Here's a quick preview of what's good:
New animation options: now featuring 3D!
Lightweight bundle: more speed with less drag!
Updated input fields
Help Center
New Animation Ammunition
If you look cool, you feel cool. The same's true for your website, so we've made strides in updating our animation and special effects department. Eat your heart out, Michael Bay:
Looped animations. Who says good things ought to end? You can now create an animation loop for 'Appear' and 'Hover' triggers, and specify the loop type.
New 3D effects. We used to be 1 dimension short, but we're back with the coold kids again. As in, Graphite now supports brand new 3D animation effects!
New Skew. More of a 2D person? You can now add the 'Skew' property to any 2D animation in Graphite.
Website Size Reduction
TL;DR: websites created now 'weigh' less and load faster. So, so much faster:
We've dramatically reduced the bundle size for exported websites.
We've optimized the file size of websites published via Graphite.
Exported or published, the websites you create in Graphite will load significantly faster.
Updated Input Fields
We've improved the responsiveness of input fields throughout the entire app. Changing size, spacing and other element values is now a lot easier. Almost enjoyable, really.
Help Center
We have deployed a fancy community hub for our beloved users. It is THE place to:
Report bugs and issues (although we’re pretty sure we shouldn’t have any, right?).
Share feedback and ask the team anything. Like, anything.
Get rapid help from our customer success rescue team.
And that does it for our latest update. Did we nail it, did we fail it? Let us know by posting a comment in our community forum!
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